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Wood Veneer Dryer Machine For Sale

Shine biomass veneer dryer has the features of high productivity, energy efficiency, lowest drying cost and perfect drying effect. The composite cost is only about USD 10 per cubic meter, which can improve customers profit space greatly.


Wood Plywood Veneer Dryer Machine

Shine biomass veneer dryer has the features of high productivity, energy efficiency, lowest drying cost and perfect drying effect. The composite cost is only about USD 10 per cubic meter, which can improve customers profit space greatly.


Wood Core Veneer Dryer Machine

Shine veneer dryer adopts automatic electric control and frequency conversion system, which can adjust the transmission speed and temperature automatically according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve and ideal drying effect.


Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

The structure is simple, easy to install, can run for a long time, can enter the interior of the box for maintenance when the fault occurs, and the maintenance is convenient.


Microwave Dryer Machine

Compared with the traditional drying method, it has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality, so it is more and more important in various fields of drying.


Plywood Spindleless Veneer Peeling Machine

Rotary peeling and cutting are all together.The use of a Feeding Screw precision closed completely driven by servo motor Gear Reducer with hardened precision.Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation and High Efficiency and easy maintenance.

Low energy consumption

1.SHINE veneer dryers use staged heat exchange with different specifications to ensure that the hot air is evenly distributed to the veneer drying equipment.
The biomass burner directly heats the air to form hot air with low heat loss.
2.The veneer dryers supplies use frequency conversion control, which connects the frequency converter of the traction motor of the dryer with the temperature control instrument.
3.The veneer dryer automatically adjusts the drive speed and temperature according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve the desired effect.

High efficiency

1.After the veneer is dried, the moisture content is uniform and flat, without creases or end ripples.
2.The veneer has no cracks after drying, and the surface is well glued.
3.Shrinkage and hardening are kept to a minimum, veneer collapse and honeycomb structures are avoided.

Cost saving

1.The combined cost of drying per cubic meter of veneer is only $6-10.
2.veneer dryers are patented to directly burn all kinds of waste wood.
3.Veneer drying equipment is environmentally friendly, efficient and fuel-saving.
4.Compared with steam or heat transfer oil oven dryers, drying costs are greatly reduced.

Easy to operate

1.Fully automatic control system, labor-saving and easy to operate.
2.Soot deposits in the heat exchanger and the user only needs to clean the veneer dryers periodically.
The protection device has a low failure rate and does not block any single board, which can reduce downtime.
3.Perfect after-sales service system, 24-hour online service.

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Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 1999, specializing in R&D and production of drying veneer, veneer dryers and other manufacturing machinery. The company has 10 standardized workshops, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, with 150 sets of various types of machinery, including 6 production lines for machining, heat treatment, stamping, welding, assembly and painting. We have a professional R&D team and an experienced after-sales service team to provide the best drying solutions for different customers. Our veneer dryers, drying veneer and other equipment have obtained CE certification and exported to more than 20 countries such as Latvia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brazil, South Africa, South America, etc.

A: We are a factory that makes machines by ourselves.

A: veneer dryer for sale, usually 30 days after receipt of deposit or original letter of credit.

A: 1 year after delivery. We provide after-sale service by phone, video service and email service. If the problem cannot be solved, our technicians will go abroad to serve.

A:a.T/T (30% deposit, 70% FOB before delivery or 70% according to copy of CFR bill of lading) 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.

A: Welcome to visit us! Every day we have customers from different countries. So far, we have exported to customers in more than 50 countries.

A manufacturer that develops and produces veneer dryers-SHINE

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