plywood veneer drying Made in China


Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise engaged in veneer drying and veneer dryers, integrating R&D and production of veneer dryers. Among them, the roller veneer dryer, continuous veneer dryer, roller veneer dryer and other equipment are the main products of the company.

Shandong Shine veneer dryer, veneer roller dryer, core veneer dryer and other veneer drying machines have obtained a new type of dryer patent. After drying, the veneer is smooth and has a uniform moisture content; and it has direct contact heat transfer between the high-temperature roller and the wet veneer with features of small heat loss. Shine veneer dryer  adopts frequency conversion and speed regulation system, and  adjust the feeding speed to achieve the ideal drying effect in line with the veneer thickness and moisture content. The veneer roller dryer, veneer dryer, veneer dryer supplies, continuous veneer dryer and other equipment have small covering area, few auxiliary equipment, convenient transportation, quick installation, and can be put into use quickly.

Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the vision of “making first-class corporate contributions, building first-rate enterprise talent, creating first-class corporate brand, implementing modern enterprise management system, using new sales concepts and service systems, and investing 10 million yuan in scientific research each year. It also combine industrial universities to study high-end technology, so that Shine’s veneer dryer products are always at the forefront of the industry’s technology. Shine roller veneer dryer products are sold to various provinces and cities in the country, and exported to Russia, South Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.

plywood veneer drying Made in China
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Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd, is a large manufacturing enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of wood dryers, wood chip dryers, veneer dryers, wood drying equipment as one of the large manufacturing enterprises. The company’s electric heating wood dryer, natural gas wood dryer and biomass burning type dryer are the main products of the company, and the company’s biomass burning type dryer has obtained the patent of new type dryer.

The dried veneer is flat and smooth with even moisture content; and has direct contact heat transfer between high temperature drum and wet veneer, high thermal efficiency, small heat loss and reduced heat energy loss. The equipment adopts frequency conversion to adjust the speed of the veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve the ideal drying effect. The equipment occupies a small area, has little accessory equipment, is easy to transport, is quick to install and can be put into use quickly.

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Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd has won the market’s praise for its consistent service of “reliable products” and “on-time delivery”. At the same time, we also have strategic partnerships with many well-known foreign brands. In the market, we have successfully established the brand “SHINE”. The company has more than 100 employees and an engineering team consisting of 22 experienced engineers.

The front-line technicians have more than 5 years of practical experience, enabling Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd to retain its strength in the production of intelligent wood dryers of high difficulty and precision. The management team and dedicated staff of Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd enable SHINE to provide quality services to its customers in all aspects. Together with the continuous technological innovation and the introduction of new equipment, Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd is able to keep up with the pace of cutting-edge technology.

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