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Factory introduction

Shandong shine Machinery Co., Ltd. has 5 modern standard workshops, equipped with large-scale CNC equipment such as modern cutting machines, CNC machine tools and plasma cutting machines. The standard modern technology is the guarantee for the production of high-quality plywood dryer machines. The company is divided into welding workshop, assembly Workshop, cutting workshop, painting workshop, storage workshop, each workshop has a clear division of labor, providing customers with satisfactory plywood dryer machines.
The basic requirements of Shandong Shine Machinery Co., Ltd. for the operation workshop.
  1. The mechanical equipment spacing of small equipment is not less than 0.7m; medium equipment is not less than 1m; large equipment is not less than 2m. Rotation of operators and equipment should be staggered back-to-back or back-to-back. Main passages should be marked with white lines or warning signs.
  2. Workpieces, blanks, and tools should be stored neatly, smoothly, and reliably. The stacking height should not exceed 1.2m.
  3. The floor of the workshop should be flat and clean, the industrial waste, waste oil, waste water, garbage, etc. in the workplace should be cleaned up in time, and the safety passage of the workshop should be unblocked.
  4. The production site should have good lighting. Lighting is divided into natural lighting and artificial lighting. When natural lighting cannot reach the illuminance during the day, artificial local lighting should be used. The general operation illuminance is about 150 lux, and the precision operation should be about 300 lux.
  5. The production site shall not store gasoline, paraffin and other flammable and explosive materials for a long time. Necessary fire fighting equipment should be provided. The workplace advocates no smoking or smoking in designated places (smoking rooms).
  6. Properly wear labor protection equipment and enter the work position. Off-the-shoulders, tank tops, shorts, skirts, high heels, sandals, etc. are not allowed in summer.
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Shandong shine has won the praise of the market for its consistent service of “reliable products” and “on-time delivery”. At the same time, we have also established strategic partnerships with many well-known foreign brands. In the plywood dryer machine industry, we have successfully established the “shine” brand. The company has more than 100 employees and an engineering team composed of 22 experienced engineers.

The first-line technicians have more than 5 years of actual combat experience, so that shine Intelligent maintains its strength in the field of difficult and high-precision intelligent wood dryer production. The management team and dedicated staff of Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd. enable shine Intelligent to provide customers with a full range of high-quality services. Coupled with uninterrupted technological innovation and the introduction of new equipment, shine Intelligence has been able to keep pace with the cutting-edge technology of plywood dryer machine.

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