Continuous Veneer Dryer Plywood Machine

Continuous Veneer Dryer and the biomass burner are all Shine brand patented products. The biomass burner can burn all kinds of waste wood directly to reduce the veneer drying cost mostly for users. Compared to steam type or heat conduction oil type veneer dryer, the drying cost is reduced greatly.


Product Description

Continuous Veneer Dryer Plywood Machine is one of the main types of equipment in the plywood production line. One of the outstanding features of Shine Veneer Roller Dryer is saving dry costs mostly for plywood making and veneer making factories. The composite cost of drying the veneer is only about $6-$12 per cubic meter because the biomass burner can provide hot air to burn all kinds of waste wood directly. Good quality wood veneer dryer directly produces the best quality of veneer and glued products. which is the lowest among the traditional veneer drying machine. Shine veneer dryer machines can achieve the best drying effect and save users costs greatly. 

Our product range includes roller veneer dryer, mesh face veneer dryers, verticle dryers for peeling veneers, and presses for smooth, flat decorative veneers. The three drying machines work on the same principle, aimed at a high moisture content of the veneer with the help of the dryer to remove moisture content and reduce its moisture content to a proper level, in order to carry out effective adhesion and pressing process. But faced with different tree species, veneer thickness, and craft. We need to choose a suitable plywood dryer. The veneer is wet after the wood is sliced, and the wet veneer is quickly transported to a modern jet dryer. The dryer provides high precision air distribution and uniform flow throughout the dryer interior and throughout the deck. Transverse circulation of hot and humid air can maximize energy consumption, and improve the thickness of the veneer, to achieve a suitable uniform moisture content. Too dry veneer fragile, not suitable for reprocessing. On the other hand, a veneer that is too wet will become moldy and therefore no longer usable. The final moisture content of about 10% is considered the average for correct drying. Drying procedures from one wood variety to the next must run different drying procedures with respect to belt speed and temperature.

Plywood dryer –initial moisture content
The moisture content of the wood is defined as the percentage of the weight of the moisture contained in the wood to the weight of the wood after drying. Wood and its products under normal conditions will have a certain amount of moisture.

The water content of trees generally refers to the trees in their growing state. Due to the transpiration function of trees, during the growth process, it is necessary to absorb a large amount of water from the roots to ensure the delivery of water to the branches and leaves. Moreover, in different seasons, different regions, and different tree species, the transpiration function of trees is different, so the water content of trees is also different. In general, the water content of trees is about 70%-80%, higher in summer and lower in winter; higher for soft trees and lower for hard trees.

The wet wood moisture content of the harvested logs after rotary cutting is relatively high, and the log moisture content of different types of trees is different to a certain extent. Since the initial moisture content of the veneer varies greatly, we need to consider the tree species, initial moisture content, and final moisture content when using the dryer to match the appropriate dryer configuration.

Our roller dryer can also be heated by the steam boiler, gas burner, or thermal oil heater boiler. So in the event, the customer has the gas line in the veneer-making factory, our roller dryer can be heated by using the gas burner to burn gas to heat the thermal oil. And so the thermal oil running inside the radiators and hot air emitted into the face and back of the veneer to achieve the dry veneer effect. 

veneer dryer

We have a professional R&D team that can design different models according to customers’ special requirements. A perfect after-sale service system can supply 24h online service, remote operation is available on request, regular customer visits, and sufficient spare parts supply in time.

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Product Parameters

4deck dryer technical specification

Drying after classification of the initial moisture content can greatly reduce the energy consumption of drying and improve the quality of the veneer.
Before drying the veneer sheets need to be sorted and stacked in peel lines according to their natural initial moisture content. Sorting and stacking with an analyzer can be more accurate. Stack according to the principle of about the humidity range, such as stacking together with a humidity of about 80%, and stacking with a humidity of about 60%, which can often be divided into 3-5 stacks. The high humidity veneer above 80% can be pre-drying step before drying to reduce the initial moisture content of the veneer, and then drying.
The reason for sorting and stacking before plywood drying
If the classification is not carried out, there may be problems such as inconsistent moisture content of the veneer after drying, and uneven quality of the veneer. For example, some veneers with 89% humidity and 62% humidity are dried together. If the setting temperature is too high and the drying time is too long, 62% of the veneers are prone to overdrying, cracking, wrinkles, etc. If the setting temperature is too low and the drying time is too short, 89% of the veneers may not be completely dried and need to be dried again later. This is also the reason for sorting and stacking in exfoliation lines according to their natural initial moisture content.


1. The veneer dryer machine is the main apparatus in the plywood-making and veneer-making industry.
2. Veneer dryer is used to remove moisture content from the veneer.
3. The heat medium can be thermal oil, natural gas, electric power, hot air, and steam.
4. The whole machine can be divided into four parts: the feeding section, the heating section, and the cooling section, and veneer discharg section.
5. Different types of veneer dryers include mesh type, roller type, and mesh&roller type, and could be customized according to your requirements.

6. Veneer Roller Dryer: working width 3 meters, 3.75 meters or 4.5 meters, main body of the dryer is 50 meters long, heating section length 46meters and cooling section 4 meters length.

7. Jet nozzles/hot air tubes: made of high-quality galvanized plate, the overall shape is variable section, the working surface is corrugated orifice plate, the width of the jet nozzles/hot air tubes is 200mm, and the thickness of the steel plate is 1.0mm galvanized sheet.

8. Insulation board: The thickness of the side insulation board is 80mm, and the panel is 1.2mm galvanized sheet, lined with aluminum silicate blanket. The thickness of the top insulation board is 75mm, and it is lined with a rock wool composite board.

9. Shine veneer dryer is equipped with automatic temperature control and speed regulation system, which can accurately control the final moisture content. Avoid the phenomenon that a large number of veneers are over-dried or do not meet the process requirements.

10. The well-developed heat exchange system fully improves the energy utilization rate and saves unnecessary energy waste. It has obtained the national invention patent.
11. Traction motor: domestic high-quality electromagnetic speed-regulating motor and governor.
12. Electric control system: The main electrical components are all domestic brands. The control cabinet has a reasonable layout, a beautiful appearance, and easy operation.
13. The temperature in the burner is 40-60 ℃ higher than that of the traditional dryer (steam, thermal oil), and the temperature is controlled at 140-180 ℃, which shortens the drying time and increases the output greatly. 

14. Shine veneer dryer is equipped with automatic control system with merits of saving labor cost, easy operation and low failure rate. Main electrical components are international famous brands.
15. Shine veneer dryer adopts frequency conversion, which can adjust the transmission speed and temperature automatically according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve an ideal drying effect.
16. Less maintenance is required for the Shine veneer dryer and no veneer jamming/clogging leading to lesser downtime.

Customer Case

Customer Case

Parts of Veneer Dryer

Parts of Veneer Dryer

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Customer Visits

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