Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

The structure is simple, easy to install, can run for a long time, can enter the interior of the box for maintenance when the fault occurs, and the maintenance is convenient.


Veneer Face Mesh Dryer is the main equipment for producing plywood, also called Face Veneer Mesh Belt Dryer. The moisture content of the veneer that has just been peeled off from the wood log is very high. The veneer dryer is mainly used for drying the veneer. It is an economical and small loss to the board to reduce the moisture content of the veneer to achieve the proper moisture content required by the plywood. The veneer dryer is composed of a transmission room, drying room, cooling room, and other parts. This equipment has a small one-time investment and highlights the cost-effective advantage. It is a high-tech product with a new concept. It effectively solves the main problems of wood drying in the drying process, such as difficult drying, long drying cycle, uneven drying, easy cracking, deformation and low yield rate.

The veneer face or core dryer generates heat on the board itself through the burning of waste wood, which can solve the temperature gradient and moisture content gradient in the drying process. The temperature of the whole wood is basically the same. The water is discharged from the inside to the outside at the same time so that the expansion and contraction coefficient of the wood is basically the same, so that the wood can avoid deformation, cracking, drying, carbonization and other losses during the drying process, and can improve the yield of the wood.

The veneer drying line is an important machine in plywood processing. When you peel get a fresh veneer, for long stock, need to remove water and moisture, so you need a core veneer dryer or drying line. Shine multi deck veneer dryers have the salient features of a higher price-performance ratio, higher drying capacity. 26m 3 deck mesh belt dryer is suitable for drying thin face veneer, which can dry 2-3m³ veneer per hour. The veneer after drying has uniform moisture content and it is flat without buckle or end waviness. 

The main principle of the mesh dryer is to use a biomass burner to burn waste wood and convert it into heat or to recover the waste heat in the exhaust gas during the drying process, and work through a compressor. The energy is delivered to the oven, the hot air in the dryer is heated repeatedly, absorbs the moisture in the material, cools and humidifies itself, and removes the moisture through the dehumidification process of hot air or condensation. Realize continuous drying of materials. Wood drying equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a good drying effect, low operating cost, low labor cost, and a wide range of use.

mesh belt dryer

Veneer mesh dryer is a professional drying machine specially for the face veneer thickness 0.2-0.4mm. The face veneer after drying has the uniform moisture content, flat with no buckle or end waviness. The surface is in good condition before gluing into plywood. 

The best effect of veneer drying is that the moisture content of the veneer is about 10%. The veneer should be as moist as possible around 10%, but still dry enough for bonding. The optimum moisture content varies by wood material and end product.

The drying process accepts veneers of different varieties, thicknesses and initial moisture content. Controlled process contact time, temperature and cooling. Plywood veneer dryer adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the feeding speed can be adjusted according to the thickness and moisture content of the veneer to achieve the ideal drying effect. The heat exchanger can make full use of the heat to achieve the best drying effect. The high-temperature roller is in direct contact with the wet veneer for heat transfer, with high thermal efficiency, small heat loss, and reduced heat loss. The cooling chamber can reduce the moisture return of the veneer and improve the service time of the finished product.

The veneer dried by the veneer dryer is smooth and has a uniform moisture content. The fuel source can be scrap wood or bark after stripping, which can greatly reduce fuel costs.


mesh belt dryer

Mesh Belt Dryer



Moisture content is one of the most important factors that can affect many physical and mechanical properties of wood and veneers. It strongly affects the final strength and durability of joints, the development of surface checks in the wood, and the dimensional stability of the bonded assembly. Plywood is a very strong and durable composite panel made from three or more wood veneers bonded together with an adhesive. In order to reduce the shrinkage and improve the strength of plywood, layers are glued together so that the wood grain in each veneer layer is perpendicular to the grain of the previous layer.

1. This machine is one of the main machines for plywood production.

2. The dryer can effectively and evenly remove the moisture in the veneer to achieve the desired final moisture content.

3. The heating medium can be heat transfer oil or water vapor.

4. The whole machine can be divided into three parts: transmission, heating, and cooling.

Main Technical Parameter

Model No.


Working Width



2 decks

Heating Section

10 sections×2000mm20000mm

Cooling Section

1 section×2000mm2000mm

veneer feeding section


veneer discharge section


Total Power


Transmission Motor

5.5kw×2 pcs11kw frequency control  

hot air fan


Cold air fan

3kw×1pc 3kw


10 units  L 2000mm×W 300×H 900mm

Transmission speed


Heating Medium

steam or thermal oil

Drying temperature


Thermal energy consumption

80-120 X104 Kcal  Steam 2T

Drying Thickness


Initial moisture content


Final moisture content


Drying capacity


Mesh belt material

Stainless steel infrared photoelectric off tracking



Mesh belt length

Length 210m

Roller diameter


Roller Space


Roller Quantity

92 pcs

Roller Space


Overall Dimension

L 34m(feeding 6m+drying 22m+discharge 6m)×W 4.3m×H 2.9m

Product Advantages

1. Drying slicer veneer, stay log lathe/half round slicer veneer, rotary peeling face veneer.

2. Reliable operation, longer service life, energy efficiency, and unmatched performance.

3. Mesh belt dryer is a closed-belt dryer. Its feature is that only the feed end and the discharge end are open, and the others are closed. Hot air flows through the equipment and the heat loss is low, which can save a lot of energy.

4. The equipment is flexible in configuration, and there are many materials for drying at one time, and it can be continuously produced and dried, which is convenient to use and greatly reduces labor.

5. The structure is simple, easy to install, can run for a long time, can enter the interior of the box for maintenance when the fault occurs, and the maintenance is convenient.

6. The veneer after drying has uniform moisture content and it is flat without buckle or end waviness.

7. The veneer after drying is free of splits and the surface is in good condition for gluing.

8. Shrinkage and casehardening is kept to a minimum and collapse and honeycomb are avoided.

9. The veneer dryer is equipped with automatic control system with merits of saving labor cost, high drying efficiency, easy operation and low failure rate. Main electrical appliances are selected international brands.

10. Less maintenance is required for this type of dryers with no Veneer Jamming leading to lesser Downtime.

11. We have a professional R&D team that can make customized design according to customer’s special requirement. 

12. After-sales service: remote operation is available on request, network interactive services, regular customer visits, skilled service team can solve the failure at the first time.

Project Cases

Project Cases

Our Factory

Our Factory

Our veneer dryers have won the CE certificates and exported to more than 20 countries such as Latvia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brazil, South Africa, South America and etc.

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