Microwave Grain Dryer Process

Tunnel microwaved dryer is a such dryer which is used of microwave to reduce the raw material. Unlike other external heating drying, tunnel microwave dryer can dry the raw material from internal and external at the same time.


Shine Machinery microwave tunnel dryer is different from the traditional drying machine,which is the overall heating,because the external heat is easy to distribute,so its heat conduction direction and moisture diffusion direction are same. Compared with the traditional drying method,it has the advantages of large drying rate,energy saving,high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production,easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality,so it is more and more important in various fields of drying.

Microwave is a sort of electromagnetic wave which frequency is 300GHZ. The water molecule in medium material is polar molecule, under the effect of the repaid change of electromagnetic field, it is polarity orientation will alter with the changes of external electric field with high-speed, causing the movements and friction of molecule, so that the microwave field energy can be converted to heat energy in medium to rise the temperature of materials, accomplishing heating, puffing and a series of physical processes and so microwave is achieved.

microwave dryer

Working principle

Microwave drying is such a drying method that material absorbs microwave energy which can be converted into heat, so that the material has an overall heating both internally and externally at the same time and it is completely different from other conventional drying methods.
Conventional drying method is based on the principle of heat conduction, convection and radiation which transfer heat from external to internal, inevitably there is a temperature gradient in the material, therefore, heating is uneven and there may result in local overheating.
Microwave drying technology is different from the conventional drying method, which is by means of high frequency reciprocating motion of the dipolar molecule of the material, resulting in internal friction heat which heats material, without any heat transfer process, and the material is heated both internally and externally at the same time with high speed drying and uniform drying result, and energy consumption is far less than traditional heating.

microwave dryer

This process line uses rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grains as raw materials.Through extruding,inflating. drying. crushing and mixing, it could produce many kinds of nutrition powder, such as baby rice powder sesame paste, beans powder and so on. This line could finish all the process automatically from the feeding to the end. It has features of easy operation, without leak of powder dust, sanitation, saving energy and easy to add all kinds of raw materials and nutriment.

This production line can make modified Starch,denatured starch,pre gel starch by changing different designed barrel and screws of double screw extruder. Through extruding, inflating, drying, crushing. Modified starch is widely used in textile, food process, oil drilling, paper, construction industries etc.

microwave tunnel dryer

microwave tunnel dryer

Fresh leaves contain high water content, and water has a strong ability to absorb microwaves. It can be polarized in a microwave electric field and change the polarity orientation with the frequency of the electromagnetic field. The overall heating in the microwave will eventually cause a large amount of water molecules to overflow from the fresh leaves and be carried away by evaporation. Moreover, the microwave heating makes the tea heat up quickly, reaching the critical point temperature of inactivating enzymes, thereby rapidly inactivating the enzyme activity in the tea. The combined effect of the electromagnetic field and temperature field generated during microwave heating will strengthen the deformation of the enzymes in the tea, thereby achieving the purpose of fixing and drying.

microwave dryer

The microwave drying and sterilization equipment for powdered condiments developed by our company has many advantages such as continuous production, saving labor, improving production efficiency and product quality. It can be used for pork meal, beef meal, chicken essence, seafood powder, chili powder, five-spice powder and other powders, flakes and granular materials’ drying, sterilizing and fragrance enhancement.
The speed of microwave drying and sterilizing is fast, and the time is short, which can retain the nutrients and traditional flavors in the food to the greatest extent and extend the shelf life.
Over the past ten years since our company’s establishment, we have provided many condiment companies with excellent quality microwave equipment, achieved good economic and social benefits, and helped many condiment companies at home and abroad to improve product quality and product sales.

Food drying and sterilizing microwave equipment features

1、Fast drying: food microwave drying time is short and fast.Usually 3,4 minutes can complete, save the drying time greatly
2、Fully functional: drying,sterilization,insect killing,anti-mold can be completed simultaneously, reduce other equipment investment, shorten processing craft.
3、The quality is good: the effective nutrient composition of the raw material is greatly guaranteed,the color degree of the original material is maintained, the freshness period and shelf life of the material are extended.
4、Simple operation: microwave equipment is simple, advanced technology, easy to operate, save the floor area, save energy and improve working conditions
5、Applicable materials: widely used in sesame, soybean, rice. wheat, millet, mung bean, red bean, etc. Puffy food, microwave puffing overcame Fried expanded product oil and extrusion caused food should be appropriate sex change disadvantages, such has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection;For meat, shrimp,microwave oven curing microwave drying is to open up a new field of application technology in the modern leisure food, unique flavor and rich in protein, high nutritional w by domestic consumers especially the young people like.

Product Parameters of microwave dryer



Input Power

Microwave Output

















120-180 kg/hr







180-250 kg/hr







280-350 kg/hr







380-450 kg/hr







480-550 kg/hr







500-600 kg/hr







700-800 kg/hr







800-900 kg/hr








Compared with the traditional drying method, it has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality, so it is more and more important in various fields of drying.

microwave dryer

Microwave  Dryer

When the equipment running, the microwave is first generated by the microwave generator, and the feeding device is input into the microwave heater; the material is sent to the microwave heating chamber by the transmission system, and the moisture in the material is heated and evaporated under the action of the microwave energy, and the water vapor passes. The dehumidification system is eliminated to achieve the purpose of drying. The bacteria in the material are killed by the biological and thermal effects produced by the microwave electromagnetic field. Since the microwave acts directly on the material, the drying temperature is low and the speed is fast, and the loss of the active ingredient in the material is small.

Microwave Machine can be widely used in agriculture product, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, manufacturing industry, baking equipment. it can fast heating, high efficiency, automatic & easy operation of microwave drying , microwave curing, microwave sterilization, microwave dehydration, microwave extraction, microwave heating and microwave fixation and etc.

Product Transportation

Product transportation

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2. Packaging: inside is covered in plastic film, outside is wooden case.
3. Shipping: 15-35 working days after receiving deposit.



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