Plywood Veneer Dryer Machine

Shandong Shine 2 Deck Veneer Dryer Machine adopts frequency conversion control, which can adjust the transmission speed and temperature according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve the ideal drying effect. Low failure rate and reduced downtime.


Veneer Dryer Introduction

Plywood Veneer Dryer Machine is driven by the chain to run the upper and lower rollers, relying on the upper roller to press the veneer to run. A biomass combustion furnace is used to burn wood chips, waste wood, and other materials at high temperatures. Materials boil and fluidize in the burner, convert to hot air, then provide heat energy to the veneer dryer.
Veneer from the inlet of the dryer, through the inside of the dryer roller (automatic roller rotation, keeping there roller bearing) of relative rotation, veneer running forward, through the draught fan absorbs heat exchanger will produce the hot air blowing wind veneer, temperature controller and traction motor inverter together so you can according to the thickness of the veneer and the discretion of the moisture content to adjust the speed automatically, travel to in the process of drying veneer, to achieve the best dry effect.

veneer dryer

Shine veneer dryer has the merits of high efficiency, saving energy, and good drying quality because of adopting new high technology and advanced control technology. The working width of the Roller Veneer Dryer is 3 meters and can dry 0.6-8mm, the minimum can be dried to 0. The drying capacity of a 40m 2-deck veneer dryer can achieve 2.5m³ per hour. Veneer Dryer Machine consists of an inlet, drying area, cooling area, and outlet. Drying size is customerized according to the production capacity, process, and space.

Shine heat exchanger adopts step-by-step heat transfer, and the specifications of each section of the heat exchanger are different, and the hot air in the heat exchanger can be uniformly emitted to the veneer. The veneer after drying has a uniform moisture content, flat, with no buckle or end waviness; is free of splits and the surface is in good condition for gluing.

veneer dryer

veneer dryer

Core Veneer Roller Drying Machine is widely used in flatting and drying high-grade plywood. Core veneer dryers are designed to dry core dry press plywood, hardwood veneer plywood, and other plywood with the jet box and the pressing feed rolls. Our brand veneer dryer has always been famous for producing high-quality veneer with uniform dry moisture content. The dryer is based on the heat exchange principle, using the heat generated by the power supply for heating. It is the heat cycle generated by the continuous suction of the exhaust fan. The whole machine can be divided into two parts: the heating section and the cooling section. We also can do another type of veneer dryer such as 1 Deck Veneer Dryer. Face Veneer Dryer, Core Veneer Dryer, Automatic Veneer Feeder, 3 Deck Veneer Dryer,2 Deck Veneer Dryer. We can design the veneer dryer according to the needs of our customers. The veneer dryer machine has to be used together with the wood chipper, as the wood chips size can’t be larger than 5cm.

Obvious features:

1. High degree of automation, automatic loading, labor saving, automatic heating, dehumidification, high drying intensity, long drying time, high moisture saturation, and energy saving.
2. Dry evenly. The peeled veneer undergoes heat exchange and moisture removal in multiple sections, and after drying for about 1.5 hours, the moisture content is low and uniform, which can meet the production needs of the veneer and plywood.
3. The output is large. According to the needs of different users and different materials, the output of the equipment can reach 1—5 cubic meters/H.
4. The equipment has a large heat exchange area, fast temperature increase, large circulating air volume, many cycles, high heat exchange efficiency, high exhaust water saturation, energy saving, and low use cost, The drying equipment saves energy by more than 40% (the roller adopts the air spray method, the contact time between the hot air and the plate is short, and the heat exchange efficiency is low).
5. A piece of equipment investment can be used for more than ten years, super cost-effective
6. The equipment adopts vertical plate loading and drying. The operation time of the plate skin in the equipment is long, which can reach 1-2 hours. The temperature can be controlled according to the section. 13—-15min, the folding type veneer dryer has a large output, low energy consumption, and low drying cost.

Model No


Working Width




Heating area length


Cooling area length


Veneer thickness


Veneer water moisture

Fresh veneer to about 10%

Heating material & drying 


Waste wood, 140-200℃C adjustable. There is automatic temperature control and speed regulation system, which can guarantee the moisture content is consistent.

Drying capacity (m³/day)


Veneer transport speed

5-22m/min16A chain

Hot air blower


Traction motor

Power: 7.5KWfrequency control2pc

Cold air blower

Power: 11KW1pc

Air intake fan

Power : 11KW2pc

4 ton biomass burner

Power: 16.5KW

Total power


Actual electricity consumption

About 110kwh per hour 

other product

veneer dryer other product

With the use of a semi-auto feeder and veneer collection system, production efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor intensity of production personnel can also be reduced. The automatic feeder will need one person only at the front end of the veneer dryer and 2 persons for the veneer collection at the discharge end of the veneer dryer.
Semi Auto Feeder provides systematic and precise feeding of individual trays to the dryer. The feeder receives the top sheet of core veneer from each stack and uniformly distributes them onto each individual deck of the dryer infeed section. With the use of a semi-auto feeder and automatic veneer collection system, production efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor intensity of production personnel can also be reduced. The automatic feeder will need one person only at the front end of the veneer dryer and 2 persons for the veneer collection at the discharge end of the veneer dryer.

Spare parts for veneer dryer

Spare parts for veneer dryer

Our company developed and produced a new type of wood veneer dryer, whose combustion heating system can obtain materials on site. waste wood produced by rotary cutting veneer, waste bark, and waste veneer can be burned. It not only solves the key problem of the high fuel cost of veneer drying equipment but also solves the serious problem of waste accumulation in wood processing plants.
With the professional R & D team and continuous R & D investment, the performance and quality of veneer drying equipment produced by our company has been at the forefront of the same industry and has won five national utility model patents and one invention patent. The unique heat transfer structure makes the equipment run continuously and efficiently and improves the drying yield greatly.

Project Case

Project Case



The installation

The installation

Product Packaging And Transportation

Product Packaging And Transportation

  1. Packaging and transportation: The goods will be shipped by export packages. In sea or railway transportation, as well as other modes of transportation to the destination, the package should be able to protect the goods against any damage and corrosion.
  2. Quality assurance: All the machines excluding normal wearing spare parts are guaranteed one year. After the warranty period, the seller will offer wearing spare parts at a favorable price.
  3. Payment Terms: T/T with 30% as deposit and full balance payment be paid before delivery.
  4. Shipping time: After the receipt of the deposit, we will start production, and the goods will be finished within about 30 working days. After the customer inspects the goods and pay the balance of 70% of the total contract value, we will deliver the goods on the agreed time by both parties.
  5. Offer validity: one month
  6. Installation and commission: We will send videos and drawings to guide the installation. If the covid19 situation permits, the seller also can send 1 engineer to the destination country to guide the installation and debugging, at the same time, our engineers are responsible for training the buyer’s operators; the buyer should be responsible for our engineers’ round-trip air tickets, visa cost, food and accommodation, and personal safety. And the buyer should supply one Chinese translator for our engineers. And the buyer should pay our engineer a salary of US$100 per day.
  7. Our products are updated constantly, if there is any data discrepancy, please refer to the actual product.

About Shine

Shandong Shine Machinery Co.,Ltd has more than 100 employees. The company’s headquarters is located in Gaotang Industrial Park, a beautiful water city in the north of the river, and the production plant covers a total area of 100 mu. The company specializes in the production of wood veneer dryers, bridge formwork, automated livestock and poultry breeding equipment, special equipment for the production of construction materials, etc. With the advantages of many years of research and development, production, service and production capacity, the company has always been in the leading position in the same industry. Shine Machinery provides high performance, high quality products and one-stop service for customers, and can tailor different products to meet the needs of customers in different situations and provide customers with fast and optimized system solutions.

The company is far-sighted and implements a modern enterprise management system, making use of new sales concepts and service systems. With an annual investment of 20 million in scientific research, the company joins forces with various industrial universities in China to study the application of high-end technology, so that the various products of shine Intelligence are always at the forefront of technology in the industry. The company is very strict about the quality of its products, and every piece of equipment it produces meets the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company has large CNC gantry milling machine, data flame cutting machine, plane mill, universal milling machine, vertical and horizontal sawing machine and other large production equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, so that “Shine” equipment with reasonable design, reliable performance, high quality, low energy consumption, easy to operate, high output and many other advantages. The company’s products have won the praise of our customers for their high precision and high cost performance.


A: We are a factory who manufacture the machines by ourselves.
A: Normally will be 30 days after getting deposit or original LC.
A: 1 year after delivery. We supply telephone after-sale service, video service and e-mail service. If can not deal with the problem, our tech-staff will go abroad to service.
A:a.T/T(30% deposit, 70% before delivery in FOB or 70% paid against copy of B/L in CFR) b. 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.
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