Shipment from Bobai, Guangxi

Warmly celebrate the signing of the cooperation agreement between Shandong shine Machinery and Guangxi Bobai Lugong Wood Industry Co. Thank you for the trust of Guangxi Bobai Lugong Wood Industry. The assembly and commissioning of the equipment is completed, and the engineer has inspected it to meet the standards for the next line and approved it for the next line. Company engineers have been installed staff accompanying, responsible for commissioning, to provide customers with a full range of protection. Wood dryerWood dryer.

Shipment from Bobai Guangxi

Shipment from Bobai Guangxi 2









Lu Gong wood industry upgraded the output adjustment, decided to improve the capacity of production, choose this large wood dryer can improve the capacity of wood chip drying output. In this way, the processing speed of the whole wood chip drying production line can be greatly improved, thus achieving huge economic benefits. For this reason, our factory has specially proposed the use of rollers made of carbon steel as accessories, which not only effectively reduces the wear rate of the rollers, but also enhances the wood chip drying output. The customer was so impressed with this solution that our factory staff worked overtime in order to help the customer improve his production capacity as soon as possible, finally completing the job a month ahead of the deadline. This wood dryer is a novel, highly efficient and environmentally friendly wood drying equipment built by Shandong shine, combining many years of production experience, which can greatly improve its production capacity and is an excellent product for renewal.